Good News – New Jobs!

New jobs are starting to pop up all over the United States, and in many different employment sectors. This should be very good news to millions of job seekers who have found their job search difficult and so far unproductive.

Things are beginning to look up, in my opinion. Employers in California added nearly 39,000 new positions last month. Texas and New York each also saw significant increases. One particularly rosy forecast by state economists predicts Florida will add over 1 million new jobs in the next seven years. Houston, San Diego, areas of New Jersey, and Atlanta have seen recent spikes in new employment.

Segments of the market poised for growth in the near future include Medical, Engineering, Teachers, IT, Manufacturing and entry-level jobs in every sector. Legal, Accounting, even Summer and Part-Time positions are also predicted to rise in the coming year. Hard hit Michigan is expecting to add thousands of Environmental jobs almost immediately, and many more in early 2011. New Federal employment, under the Obama administration, continue to rise.

As loans to small businesses become less difficult to obtain, employers are once again beginning to hire people searching for new jobs. Over 151,000 new jobs were created in October alone, according to the Department of Labor. “Banks have worked through a lot of their problems,” says Paul Merski, chief economist of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA). “The industry is in a better position to increase lending.”

For those unemployed and underemployed, including recent college graduates, this is good news. My advice is to continue to visit job banks, attend job fairs, pay attention to job postings, job descriptions, and keep a positive attitude in your job search. Employment and that new job is increasingly within your reach, and your long job search may soon be over.